leaf drawing detail

Hidden Pond by Todd Snyder

We are thrilled to introduce to you Hidden Pond by Todd Snyder, a 2022 Bungalow Project, exclusive to Hidden Pond, led by the legendary New York City fashion designer Todd Snyder. Our 20 Bungalows have been redesigned in partnership with four-time CDFA Menswear Designer of the Year nominee, Todd Snyder and are ready to be booked. Each Bungalow will emulate one of three unique themes that encapsulates the beauty of Maine. 

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sea side bungalow with beach-inspired interior


Find warmth and relaxation inside our Sea-Side Bungalow. A classic American beach house, you'll feel as if a little bit of the beach came home with you. The décor boasts light tones, natural linens, and accents of antique brass, from the white patina hardwood & sisal rugs, to the John Derian oyster shell wallpaper that adorns the walls.

mountain side cabin featuring bedside featuring a swirl leaf print wallpaper


Inspired by the highest mountain in Maine, Mt. Katahdin, you'll find Mountain-Side encapsulates its natural colors with lush coverings of sprawling greens, cool slate blues, and rich grays, mixed with warm earthy tones. From the Morris & Co leaf motif wallpaper to the unique touches of Whitman desk lamps and Aerin Tresa chandeliers, one may experience another side of Maine while in the woodlands of Hidden Pond.

country side cabin entrance with army green wall paint and two cushion sofa's


Inspired by Todd Snyder's Maine experience and his first Hidden Pond project, our 'From Away Lodge,' the Country-Side Bungalow "reflects the beauty of Maine’s outdoors and the lifestyle it evokes from its residents, intertwined with design elements seen throughout the Todd Snyder brand." You'll find rich, bold tones, mahogany and walnut woods, and accents of utilitarian décor, from the Stephen Kenn repurposed Army tent benches to an exclusive L.L. Bean Heritage Plaid collaboration.